At 34 Raceway, Jadin Fuller and Dennis LaVeine clinch IMCA victories on Saturday


MIDDLETOWN – Jadin Fuller will be starting his sophomore year at Scotland County High School in Memphis, Missouri on Monday morning.

On Friday, Fuller and his teammates will take the field for their opening football game against Marcelline in Memphis, Missouri.

So Fuller wondered why not end the summer with a win in his second season driving an IMCA modified race car?

The 15-year-old third-generation driver did just that, taking the lead on the fourth turn on lap one and pulling away to win the 15-lap race on Saturday at 34 Raceway.

For Fuller, it was a last hurray for the summer before trading in his running gear for a football helmet, protections and a jersey.

“This is probably my last run of the year,” said Fuller, who plays the role of running back, linebacker and a bit of safety and a cornerback for his high school football team. “Football starts for Friday. I was done. I might have a stage or two left, but it’s basically my last chance to win. It was a good way to come out in style.

Dennis LaVeine in modified IMCA, John Oliver Jr. in stock car IMCA and Barry Taft in compact sports car also won the star races.

Jadin Fuller (26d), Memphis, MO, won the sport mod feature at 34 Raceway on Saturday.

Fuller, whose father, Jardin, finished seventh in the modified IMCA special race, took the lead ahead of Logan Cumby on the first lap. He then had to fend off season points leader Sean Wyett as the two fell apart in the final eight rounds of the function.

“It feels good. We’ve finally finished the first one,” Fuller said. “I would just like to thank my family for bringing me here. It was a tough day getting up here. We just picked up the car from the store. Andy Eckrich, I want to thank him for setting it up. I want to thank my family for bringing me here and helping me put the car on the track.

Dennis LaVeine of West Burlington celebrates his modified feature victory at 34 Raceway on Saturday.

LaVeine, in his 40th year of racing, claimed his fourth win of the season, all at 34 Raceway.

LaVeine took the lead early in the race when Austin Howes suddenly retired.

But LaVeine dropped two spots in a late restart as Jardin Fuller took the lead. LaVeine staggered Fuller, having finally passed him on top.

LaVeine had to fend off fellow veteran Bill Roberts, Jr. to secure the victory.

“I had to work for that one,” LaVeine said. “I fell back to third place. My engine stopped on restart. It didn’t work. I was like, ‘Man, I’m never gonna move (Fuller) because he was blocking down, so i just went around the top and around it.I guess it spun.

Dennis LaVeine (71) of West Burlington captured the modified function victory at 34 Raceway on Saturday,.  LaVeine is in his 40th year of racing.

Oliver, who has already claimed the points title in IMCA stock cars, added another trophy to his collection against a strong field of drivers.

Oliver started fifth, but quickly moved into the peloton and took the lead from Jeremy Pundt. Oliver walked away as Kirk Kinsley, Mike Goldsberry, Pundt and Jason Cook completed the top five.

“The track had a little character. I think there was a little too much water added, “said Oliver.” It was nice to see a lot of good guys coming over tonight. pretty good run.

John Oliver, Jr., (05), Danville, leads Jeremy Pundt (52d), Donnellson in the stock car at 34 Raceway on Saturday.  Oliver took the victory.

Taft made his way from 10th place to win the 12-lap compact sports car race. David Prim, Kyle Hamelton, Ashton Blain and Robert Sturms round out the top five.

Saturday’s results


Feature results – 1. John Oliver, Jr.; 2. Kirk Kinsley; 3. Mike Goldsberry; 4. Jeremy Pundt; 5. Jason Cook; 6. Abe Huls; 7. Chris Wibbell; 8. Kenny O’Donnell; 9. Beau Taylor; 10. Chad Krogmeier. Round winners – Goldsberry and Oliver.


Feature results – 1. Dennis LaVeine; 2. Bill Roberts, Jr.; 3. Kyle Madden; 4. Creston Williams; 5. Marc Burgtorf; 6. Chad Giberson; 7. Fuller’s Garden; 8. Dean McGee; 9. Austin Howes; 10. Cody Bowman. Round winners – LaVeine and Shane Richardson.


Feature results – 1. Jadin Fuller; 2. Sean Wyett; 3. Adam Birck; 4. Reed Wolfmeyer; 5. Logan Cumby; 6. Barry Taft; 7. Tom Lathrop; 8. Draython Schangish; 9. Matt Tucker; 10. Bob Cowman. Round winners – Taft and Schanfish.


Feature results – 1. Barry Taft; 2. David Prim; 3. Kyle Hamelton; 4. Ashton Blain; 5. Robert Sturms; 6. Tim Schnathorst; 7. Larry Miller; 8. Bobby Douglas; 9. Wayne Chamblee; 10. Michael Watkins. Round winners – Justin Stevenson and Noah Kayser.

Barry Taft (3), Argyle, takes the checkered flag to win the sporty compact feature at 34 Raceway on Saturday.

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