Auto warranty company pays for repairs after News 2 investigation


Kathy Haggler’s Mercedes was in need of a control arm and other repairs. The solution was simple but expensive. This led the guarantee company to initially refuse the claim.

HIGH POINT, NC – It ranks right away with root canal treatment or passing a kidney stone. It’s not as painful, but in many ways it’s just as bad. When you are told that your car needs major repairs, you are probably feeling uneasy in your guts.

Kathy Hagler recently took her Mercedes to a High Point service shop and was told repairs were needed and it wouldn’t be cheap. Luckily for Hagler, it has a maintenance guarantee.

“It wasn’t the best news, but at least I was covered by my warranty,” Hagler said.

The repair shop contacted the warranty company and an insurance adjuster was dispatched to inspect the car and learn more about the repairs. Everyone agreed that the car needed work and the claim was submitted. Soon after, Hagler learned that there was a problem, the warranty company did not sign off on the repairs.

“I was like we didn’t do this anymore; this is not the first time this has happened with me and this company in particular, ”said Hagler.

The warranty company was okay with the repairs, but believed the job could be done in fewer hours and wouldn’t cost as much. The repair shop disagreed and the car stood still for a few days while Hagler haggled with the warranty company.

“It was very frustrating, I was at my wit’s end,” Hagler said.

After going nowhere and needing to fix his car, Hagler contacted News 2. We immediately contacted the repair shop and the warranty company. The owner of the repair shop explained that he was willing to cut costs to help, but couldn’t get the job done within the time frame suggested by the warranty company.

WFMY News 2 then had a second conversation with the warranty company after speaking with a few other repair shops. We explained the hours stores told us the repair work would take and the company agreed to review the claim.

A day later, the CEO called us back and said he would sign off on the repairs, although he still felt the billable hours were too high for the work at hand.

“Thank you so much for your help, I can’t thank enough (News 2) enough,” Hagler said.

The car has since been repaired and Hagler tells us it runs great.

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