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WATSONVILLE, Calif. (KION) Coastal kids Home Care is hosting a car parade for kids on Saturday for their second annual ‘Crusin’ for Coastal Kids Home Care ‘.

More than 100 cars came out for a parade in Watsonville for families and children who are mostly stranded at home for medical reasons.

“We just thought about what we can do for our families who are just afraid of dying this year”, and we thought: take a little ride with a moving truck so that it becomes “Crusin for Coastal Kids”, said Margy Mayfield, co-founder and executive director of Coastal Kids Home Care.

The organization provides home care to medically fragile children who cannot leave their homes. Some are premature babies. Others suffer from fatal illnesses. A mother took her one-year-old daughter Emma, ​​who was born prematurely, to enjoy the parade.

“With COVID, I don’t want to expose it as much as bringing a person over and not having them see different doctors is much safer… They come to your house, so she’s in the comfort of her own space with her toys. Mother Nancy Cosio said.

While this form of medical care protects children, it can be incredibly isolating and lonely. The car parade was a safe COVID event that brought social interaction for children

“They could be with their families, be safe but have a really, mostly personal parade for themselves… you name it, they went out and the kids had fun and we caused a little traffic problem, but it was wonderful, said Mayfield.

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