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“Crushing Cancer for Tommy”: A full day of events scheduled for Sunday at the Bantam Reserve

Posted 10:13 a.m. on Friday, November 18, 2022

RESERVE – Thanksgiving week will begin with an outpouring of support for a neighbor in need.

“Crushing Cancer for Tommy” will raise funds to ease the financial burden on the family of Tommy Milioto, a permanent resident of St. John the Baptist Parish who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. The charity event is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 20 at Reserve Bantam, located at 312 Railroad Ave. to Reserve.

Highlights will include mixed cabbage ball, cornhole and peach tournaments, a colon cancer walk, silent auction, live music and refreshments including jambalaya and sweets.

Milioto was diagnosed with cancer on July 13, 2022. The following week, he learned that the cancer had metastasized to his liver. After undergoing extensive testing, he began chemotherapy on August 15, 2022 at East Jefferson Hospital’s Yenni Treatment Center.

After the first cycle of chemo is completed in December, Milioto’s cancer will be re-evaluated to determine if he needs further treatment and/or colon and liver surgery.

Thomas Hymel, one of the organizers of the Crushing Cancer for Tommy event, said Milioto’s family are now advocating for early detection and staying up to date on colonoscopies since his cancer was detected at a later stage.

“He was like every other guy who had a symptom here and there and thought it was no big deal. When he finally went to the doctor, they found out, and it was something he probably had for a while,” Hymel said. “His journey started off rough because he caught it later. The good news is he’s been doing chemo, and it seems to be responding.

According to Hymel, many families in St. John’s Parish knew Milioto from his work as a carpenter with Milioto Inc. Over the past 30+ years, he has worked on countless homes in the area. Since Milioto is self-employed and currently unable to work due to the intense side effects of chemo, the community hopes to ease some of the financial burden on him and his family.
According to Hymel, the events planned for Sunday are a reflection of Milioto’s involvement in the community. As the father of three daughters, Janie, Sophie and Kristy, he has been heavily involved with local recreation facilities over the years as a volunteer, coach and cook. He is also an avid turkey and deer hunter and enjoys spending time with his family at their camp in Mississippi.

“I think everyone knows someone close to them who has been touched by cancer. Everyone needs a little help once in a while,” Hymel said. “I hope people go out, spend some money, eat and listen to music. That’s all we really ask. It’s all volunteers and all donations. It really was a big wave of support for him.

The full lineup for Crushing Cancer for Tommy is as follows:

6 a.m. – Beginning of the fishing tournament

9:00 a.m. – Cabbage Ball Tournament begins (please register by Sunday – Call 901-283-1574)

9 a.m. – Register for the Cornhole Tournament (more info on the holio score app)

10 a.m. – Start of the Cornhole Tournament

11am – Jambalaya will be served

12 p.m. to 2 p.m. – Peyton Falgoust Band

2:00 p.m. – Weigh-in for the fishing tournament

2 p.m. to 5 p.m. – Marty Poche and Jordan Babin take the stage

5 p.m. – End of the silent auction

The silent auction is now online at https://cctm.betterworld.org/auctions/crushing-cancer-tommy-milioto. Prize items include, but are not limited to, an electric smoker, a Mike Anderson gift card and a night at the Clarion Inn, wine coolers, a propane turkey fryer, a hunting gift basket, a pack of red crayfish, a car care kit, and tickets to the St. John Theater concert series.

Entrants must create an account on the Better World platform before bidding. Individuals will be asked to provide credit card information after placing your first bid, but this is only to retain the bid spot. Winners can pay cash, check, credit card, or Venmo at Sunday’s event.

When creating an account, the website will ask bidders to absorb the credit card transaction feel. If you refuse to absorb the costs, funds will be withdrawn from the profits of the auction. An automatic donation to the Better World platform will be added to each offer, but it is very easy to remove.

For more information or donations, call 225-206-1517.

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