Drive EV2 – new charging stations for electric vehicles

The Drive EV2 project brings new public electric vehicle charging points to Cornwall, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Cornwall Council. This will fund 150 electric vehicle charging stations, as well as a small number of fast/ultra-fast charging stations at locations currently lacking adequate fast charging capacity.

The UK government has banned the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. The Drive EV2 project will support this shift to electric vehicles. As transportation is our main source of emissions, it is an important part of our efforts to fight climate change together and improve air quality.

The funded charging stations will be located in car parks owned by the Council. The project team will work with experts to review sites and agree final locations. This will be based on technical capacity, demand and accessibility. The aim will be to ensure good charging coverage across Cornwall.

One of the priorities of the project is to make charging stations as accessible as possible. We want to make sure everyone can use them.

A supplier will be contracted to install, operate and maintain the charging stations financed by the project. Work will begin later this year with a completion deadline of March 2023.

Users will pay to use charging stations. The cost of recharging will be fixed by the supplier and will cover operation and maintenance throughout the contract.

For more information, questions or to participate in the project, you can contact: [email protected]

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