Electric vehicle company specializing in sports car development plans to locate in Oliver – Penticton News

Oliver may soon have a new sports car maker in town whose vehicles will run entirely on electricity.

An amendment to the zoning request was given third reading by council Monday for 6005 Station Street and 248 Co-op Avenue, to allow the operation of a vehicle manufacturing business. electric, North American EV Inc.

Station Street is currently home to the flea market, while 248 Co-op Avenue is an empty gravel lot. The applicant expects to see the land behind the building used for additional employee parking and vehicle access into the building.

In their report to council, staff supported the change because it aligns with the land use already established and the company would not drastically change the character of the street. The area currently has a sign manufacturing company, outdoor storage and a sawmill.

The proposed change could also add overall benefits to the community, including the hiring of 15 new employees, a new company with environmentally friendly technology and a possible increase in the number of traveling customers.

Their business includes electric vehicle conversions, classic car restorations, electric vehicle repairs and the development of special electric vehicles, including plans to build fully electric racing cars.

In a letter to the board, the company explained why it chose Oliver for its business, including the mild climate, proximity to Oliver’s race track, Area 27, and proximity to the U.S. border, among others.

They also noted that the Okanagan currently does not have an electric vehicle repair facility.

At Monday night’s public hearing, only one business owner spoke out, curious about the potential increase in traffic in the area along the street.

“It could be a really positive opportunity for jobs in the community, but I’m wondering about the capacity,” she said.

Staff said in the applicant’s letter they intended to hire about 15 people.

Councilors unanimously approved third reading.

The zoning modification by-law will be sent to the Ministry of Transport for approval before its adoption and a building permit will be required for the modifications made to the building.

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