How to protect your license plate sticker


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There are many strategies to help protect your vehicle from thieves. You can invest in alarm systems and park intelligently in well-lit areas or parking garages. Hiding your valuables in underfloor storage, in the center console or in the cargo area is a smart way to keep your important items hidden. You know how to lock your doors every time your car is parked, but there is one tip you may not have tried to make sure your vehicle is safe: mark your license plate sticker with a razor. .

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This trick, suggested by Family Handyman writer Alex Shoemaker, helps secure an expensive and necessary accessory on your vehicle. Not having a vehicle license plate puts you at risk of a ticket and having to pay for a potential ticket and replacement are frustrating expenses you’ll want to avoid.

“By” marking “the sticker, the label will be more difficult to tear. Instead, it will tear into multiple pieces, rendering it unusable. This trick will not prevent thieves from removing the sticker. But if they do, they can’t use it on their vehicle, ”according to Shoemaker. “That alone could be enough of a deterrent to keep your sticker safe.”

The scoring tip only applies to single layer stickers. If you put stickers on top of each other, you will need to remove the outdated ones. Then you will need to remove any adhesive residue with a deep cleaning job. Apply the new sticker. Make sure there are no air bubbles and the sticker lies completely flat on your plate. You can use a sharp tool like a box cutter to engrave an X pattern on the new sticker.

“Other models will work as well, but this one is the most efficient,” adds Shoemaker.

License plate security screws can help prevent thieves from removing your license plate from your vehicle. The screws cannot be removed without a safety key.

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