Hundreds of drivers accept Wheat Ridge Police offer to protect catalytic converters from theft – CBS Denver


WEAT RIDGE, Colorado (CBS4) – Auto thefts and related crimes are skyrocketing in the Denver metro area, and the Wheat Ridge Police are the latest to offer people a tool to fight back.

Volunteers at a crime prevention event on Sunday applied a chemically etched number to catalytic converters with a small amount of heat-resistant paint. It will put the owner’s information of a vehicle into a database, so if it is stolen, the victim can contact the police and the theft will be traced more easily.

“Recycling stores in the area have been urged to look for serial numbers that identify them as well as any marks of their erasure,” a police spokesperson said.

Catalytic converter thieves work incredibly fast, which is why one resident says he is grateful to the police for taking the plunge. Martin Aragon told CBS4 at Sunday’s event that his catalytic converter had been stolen from his car.

“Literally in 52 seconds they got under my car, they worked together and did it quickly. In the morning I started my car and it sounded like a John Deere with four big Harley Davidsons – that’s how loud it was, ”he said.

A total of 300 vehicles came by Sunday’s event.

Wheat Ridge Police said they will be holding similar events in the future and to check their Facebook and Twitter pages for announcements.

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