ICYMI: Secretaries Granholm and Buttigieg announce joint effort to create national electric vehicle charging network

CNN: Energy and Transport departments join forces to help states develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure

In a statement to CNN, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm called the new office a “Milestone” in the general objectives of the administration in terms of electric vehicles.

“Not only are we helping protect our planet from the dangers of climate change, but we are also facilitating a change in the accessibility of electric vehicle charging and creating well-paying jobs that support the manufacture of sustainable technologies right here at home,” Granholm said in a statement to CNN.

WUSA9 (CBS): Buttigieg, Granholm visit the electric vehicle charging station in Takoma Park, Maryland.

“Part of President Biden’s vision is to solve two problems – one is the anxiety people might feel if they buy an electric vehicle and don’t necessarily have a place nearby to charge it, and the second is the cost of electric vehicles overall ”, Secretary Granholm said during remarks Tuesday.

Maryland has: Biden administration officials deploy to Maryland to promote electric vehicles

The two cabinet secretaries signed a memorandum of understanding to create a Joint Energy and Transport Board, which would help distribute $ 7.5 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure law that President Biden (D) has signed earlier this fall.

“We are embarking on a transformational path to modernize the way we travel in this country, ensuring that all Americans have the opportunity to choose electric vehicles and spend less at the pump while making our air cleaner. ” said Granholm.

Plug-in sites: Pete Buttigieg and Jennifer Granholm make Maryland EV charging station announcement

Secretary Buttigieg and Secretary Granholm visited RS Automotive in Takoma Park to make the announcement. They arrived in an electric Ford Mustang Mach-E with Buttigieg at the wheel. Secretary Granholm joked that the Transportation Secretary was a great driver and the ride was smooth and silent as they were in an all-electric car which is part of the Federal Fleet.

Spring Source: Buttigieg, Granholm Visit RS Automotive

“Our two agencies will work together to make President Biden’s historic investments in bipartisan infrastructure law a reality, starting today with a joint project to build hundreds of thousands of electric vehicle charging stations, to combat the climate crisis and create jobs in manufacturing and construction at the same time, ” Granholm said in a statement.

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