NSX Type S, no New York auto show, EV warrant?


The New York Auto Show, set for a post-pandemic comeback, has been canceled for the second year as it becomes clear that we are even more in the midway than post-Covid. The California-based Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Monterey Car Week events starting this weekend appear to be going as planned.

This week in sheet metal

Porsche has announced the super limited-stroke 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25, a racing car with a 690 horsepower twin-turbo flat-six engine, adjustable racing suspension, pieces of carbon fiber on the exterior and a rear spoiler. massive. Porsche only builds 30 of the cars, which commemorate the 25e anniversary of Porsche’s partnership with Mathey-Racing. Only six Clubsport 25 will travel to the United States. They will cost $ 620,000 each.


McLaren this week unveiled an even more exclusive project in the unique edition of its grand tourer Speedtail, already a limited-edition model. The Albert Speedtail features a fascinating striped paint scheme that took 12 weeks to apply. The car was ordered by the McLaren Beverly Hills dealership.

Acura will send out the NSX with a warmed-up S-Type for the 2022 model year, which will be the final model year for this generation of NSXs. All 2022 NSX 350s will get the S treatment, which includes an “upgraded” version of the base car’s twin-turbo V6 hybrid system that is expected to exceed 600bhp. There will also be adjustments to the suspension, wheels, tires and brakes.

Toyota has no such farewells for the Avalon sedan, which will be phased out in 2022.

The era of great government is not over

It looks like President Biden will get his infrastructure bill, after months of negotiations and a few political escapes that threatened to doom the package. The bill the Senate is expected to vote on this weekend is the result of bipartisan negotiations and will provide $ 550 billion for infrastructure projects, including $ 15 billion for electric vehicle projects and $ 110 billion to build or modernize roads and bridges.

Biden’s original proposal included $ 157 billion for electric vehicles, money that would have gone a long way to furthering another of Biden’s goals: The president signed an executive order calling on the auto industry to push for Electric vehicles, plug-ins or fuel cell vehicles will account for 50% of sales by 2030. Several major automakers have expressed support for the voluntary and unenforceable target, but the three mainstream US automakers have said that their membership depends on federal government funding for electric vehicle infrastructure, research and development of new electric technologies, and new incentives encouraging car buyers to choose electric vehicles. In other words, don’t rely on it.

Also this week, the Biden administration reinstated some tailpipe emissions standards set under the Obama administration, but abandoned during the Trump era, and proposed new rules that would come into effect for model year 2027, imposing a fleet-wide average fuel economy of 52 mpg.

the new ride app supports a lax batch resulting in long delays in picking up passengers at the airport

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Don’t stay so close to me

For even more evidence the pandemic is still with us, take a look at Uber, which recorded a loss of $ 509 million in the second quarter of 2021 despite growing demand for rides. The incentives to attract drivers resulted in the loss; Uber said in April that it planned to spend $ 250 million to bring new drivers on board and attempt to return those who have passed the worst of the pandemic. Just because you’re ready to get in a stranger’s car again doesn’t mean he wants you there. Uber’s competitor, Lyft, managed to deliver adjusted profit in the last quarter, but forecast weak demand in the third quarter due to driver shortages and the pandemic.

Further reading

We got our first glimpse of BlueCruise, Ford’s response to GM’s Super Cruise and Tesla’s autopilot.

If Congress succeeds in passing this infrastructure bill, there will not only be funding for electric vehicles in reserve for the auto industry: part of the bill would require anti-drink driving technology. in new cars, starting at least three years after the bill is passed. .

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