Ogilvie Fleet’s Free Electric Vehicle Database to Help Drivers Find Electric Cars


Ogilvie Fleet launched an Electric Vehicle Database to help fleets, company car drivers and consumers research their EV purchase.

Ogilvie’s EV database currently includes all 132 electric cars available and will be expanded to include Class N1 electric light commercial vehicles.

The database, which currently includes all 132 electric cars available, allows users to quickly compare the cheapest, most efficient or longest range car, as well as a host of other parameters, such as BiK data. and vital statistics.

Each model includes detailed information about its battery and charging capacities, up to which side of the car its charging port is located. The database also indicates whether the car supports hitch mounting and its towing capacity.

Aimed at drivers exploring options for their next business, a wage sacrifice, or a private car, it includes upcoming models and features brands like Byton and Lucid. The EV database will also be updated later in the year to include N1 category vehicles, following a surge in demand for electric light commercial vehicles.

“The process of choosing an EV brings up many questions that sometimes take hours to find answers. That’s why we launched our free web-based platform to help provide peace of mind to drivers and businesses through an intuitive search engine, ”said Nick Hardy, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ogilvie. .

“The EV database also includes the critical costs associated with NIC and corporate tax savings to enable businesses to make the best purchasing decision possible,” he added.

The launch of the database follows the recent launch of Ogilvie True Cost updates, which allow fleet managers to accurately predict the true cost of fully and partially electric cars.

The EV database can be accessed through the Ogilvie Fleet website at electric.ogilvie-fleet.co.uk

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