Winter driving tips for young drivers

SCHOFIELD, Wisconsin (WSAW) – Driving in inclement weather or snow conditions can be difficult for any driver, but it can be even more difficult for young drivers.

The Schofield CW Driving School gives young drivers some tips to stay safe this winter.

If a snowstorm has occurred overnight, drivers should make sure to clean their windshields in the morning.

“You want to be able to keep your windshield clear, your mirrors clear. Start the car. Let it warm up so all the fluids are working fine, ”said Neil Gavinski, owner of The CW Driving School,“ and when you get out on the road, slow down. Patience is security.

Gavinski encourages drivers to leave a little earlier at their destination in order to arrive safely and on time.

When driving in bad weather, drivers should slow down and continually check their mirrors to gauge traffic in front of and behind the car. This way, drivers can take evasive action if a slipping car or a car is coming too quickly from behind.

Flashing your brake lights can signal drivers that you are slowing down. Drivers can also use their hazard warning lights to alert other drivers that you are slowing down.

“Maybe turn on those turn signals. Let the big trucks behind you know, hey, we’re coming to some really slippery weather, slippery roads and bad weather. That we are going to slow down the traffic, ”Gavinski said.

It is not recommended to make sharp turns on icy or snowy roads. Instead, Gavinski suggests using the 90-degree method. The method is to slow down before turning, then spin the vehicle about 90 degrees. This way, if a driver slips or slips, they will stay on the road.

The CW Driving School offers lessons for new drivers Monday through Thursday from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

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